Quick Site for Small Biz & Non-Profits

Quick Sites are IMC’s fast, flexible, and affordable starter websites—ideal for startups, non-profits, and small businesses looking to create a web presence. Built on the popular WordPress platform, a Quick Site can grow with you as your business grows.

iqs_logo_imc_website_smDo you want a web site that is:

  • Fast?
  • Flexible?
  • Affordable?

If so, then you need a Quick Site, from Interactive Media Consulting, LLC. Quick Sites are starter websites, ideal for startups, non-profits, and small businesses looking to create a web presence. They can grow with you as your business grows. Learn more view samples at http://www.iquicksite.com

Quick Sites are FAST

Provide us with your logo and content, make a couple of choices, and we can have a site ready for you in just a couple of weeks. We can do this because the sites are built on the WordPress platform. They are easy to setup, especially with the template choices we provide.

Quick Sites are FLEXIBLE

You have the ability to choose 5 of 10 different features–do you want an image gallery or calendar? Not a problem. Quick Sites also grow as your business grows. When you are ready to add shopping carts or database applications, just call and we can provide a quote to add these features to your existing site.

Quick Sites are AFFORDABLE

Quick Sites start at $1000. This includes:

  • Your domain name (i.e. yourcompany.com)
  • Your quick site with your logo and colors
  • Up to 3 stock images for use in your top graphic
  • Up to 5 features from a list shown below
  • One year of web hosting
  • Unlimited email addresses (i.e. you@yourcompany.com)
  • Documentation to update the site

Quick Site Options

  • Blog style, brochure page style, or combination
  • Choose from one of 6 templates
  • Choose up to 5 from the following list
    • Poll
    • Google Analylitics to track your traffic
    • Search Engine Pack for help with search engine optimization
    • Sociable Pack to let users add links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Twitter feed to display your tweets right on your website
    • Image gallery
    • Calendar
    • Online discussion forum
    • Mapping plugin to add Google maps to your pages

How are Quick Sites Different from IMC’s Custom Websites?

IMC’s custom websites are just that–custom. We will sit down with you for a design meeting, build custom applications for you, and tailor a site to your exact needs. Quick Sites are template based sites. The only customization comes from your logo and colors as well as the options you choose. The chart here shows the differences.

Feature Quick Site Custom Site
Your own domain name
(i.e. http://www.yourcompany.com)
checkmark checkmark
Your logo and colors checkmark checkmark
Top graphic with your logo and up to 3 representative images checkmark
Ability to update content yourself checkmark checkmark
Your own email addresses checkmark checkmark
Google Analytics installed option checkmark
Design meeting with our designer to discuss your ideal design checkmark
Custom designed graphics checkmark
Database applications (i.e. data collection and/or display, financial, search, etc.) checkmark
In person training to update the site checkmark
Number of content pages IMC creates Up to 6 Unlimited
Number of forms 1 contact Unlimited
Search Engine Optimization Basic Content Review and Content suggestions
Ideal for Startups
Small Business
Established Organizations looking to bring more functions online

Quick Site Guidelines

We are able to offer Quick Sites as a less-expensive alternative to custom-designed websites because we use templates and provide minimal customization on the website.  To help keep the costs low, we need to keep to the following:

  • Quick Sites include 6 content pages. (For example: Home page, About Us, News, Products, Testimonials, Contact.) Customers will supply us with the written text and images for these pages. If you need assistance in developing your content and determining what to say and show, we can help you with that for an additional fee.
  • Please make sure that the overall organization of your site (navigation links/page names) and any content you provide to us have already received the necessary approvals at your organization.
  • Quick Sites include a graphic banner at the top of the page, which includes your logo and additional images (up to 4). These can either be provided by you or we will obtain suitable “stock” images from an online photo resource.
  • Quick Sites include a few standard page elements that appear on ALL pages. These include the graphic header at the top of the page, the navigation links, the vertical “sidebar” column on the right side, and the page footer at the base (where we typically include your contact information). In thinking about the graphics and information that make up these spaces, be sure to choose things that will make sense when they appear on every page of your website.
  • You will have the opportunity to review the site and make one round of text or image changes at that time. Please note: additional content or image changes after this review period will be billed at our regular website update rate. (If you send us approved text and images for the first round, you can use this review stage to improve the visual impact of your pages, which might include swapping an image, reducing text, or adding a few sub-headings, etc.)
  • Quick Sites use standard WordPress tools to achieve some functions. We do not usually customize how those tools (called “plug-ins”) are displayed on the website. That means we cannot change the alignment, the font, the spacing, etc. Customizing plug-ins is available and invoiced at our scripting rate.

Want to learn more? Email info@imediaconsult.com or call us today!

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