Web Site Design & Development

Interactive Media Consulting, LLC develops sites that are easy to understand, enjoyable to use, and worth visiting again. We will help you identify appropriate objectives for your web site by focusing on your current strengths in the marketplace.

We are experts in how people use the Web, and will steer you away from often-distracting technical gimmicks in favor of creating a site that is useful, informative, and effective in achieving your objectives. Reach all your potential customers by making sure your site is useable and accessible to everyone.

To accommodate even the smallest business or organization, our rates are extremely reasonable. We will work with you to design a web site you can afford and be proud of. Rates include the programming necessary to complete your web site, as well as any image scanning and/or custom graphic development that may be required. After our first meeting, you will receive a quote for the design and programming of your web site. There are no hidden charges or extra fees.

Visit our online portfolio to see more of our designs.

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